Parga - Syvota
Every Tuesday and Friday
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Syvota - Parga
Every Tuesday
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Every Wednesday
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Every Monday
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Every Thursday
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Ionian Islands
Every Friday
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Odyssey (Cruise from Nydri)
Every Sunday
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  • Parga - Syvota
  • Syvota - Parga
  • Acheron
  • Albania
  • Meteora
  • Ionian Islands
  • Odyssey (Cruise from Nydri)
  • Paxi
  • Corfu
  • Tours
    Pargadise Travel offers organized tours and trips with guided tours and transfers
  • Rentals
    Pargadise Travel works with reputable professionals and provides robust travel services, such as room bookings, car and motorbike rentals
  • Popular Destinations
    We offer tour packages to popular destinations like Ioannina, Metsovo, Sivota, Corfu.
  • Social Events
    Pargadise Travel seamlessly takes over the organization of weddings, christenings and birthday.
  • Luxury Cars
    Pargadise Travel offers the possibility to rent luxury cars to customers who want it.
  • Additional Services
    Pargadise Travel works with excellent professionals, providing personal care sector services, babysitting and hair styling.
  • Helicopters - Air Transfers
    You have the possibility of renting a helicopter if you wish transportation by air.
  • Ferry tickets
    PargadiseTravel offers booking ferry tickets to Paxos, Corfu and Italy.
  • Exchange
    We can offer exchange services.

Parga,  Aravantinoy and Averof

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